Even in prehistoric times there was a mysterious connection between man and the animal world. This is not surprising, because these two universes constantly interacted with each other. Some animals were used for food, others were hunted together, some were used for wool and milk, and still others were used for protection.

In addition, of all that surrounds humans, besides other people, it is the representatives of fauna that are more like us. They also know how to communicate with each other, have their own behavior, including social behavior, many of them gather in groups like packs. 

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How to choose a gift

Primitive humans quickly found something in common with the animal kingdom. This was expressed, in particular, in totemism, which is still popular in some nationalities, such as the Australian aborigines and, of course, the Indians. They believe that every tribe and even every person has a patron, the spirit of a certain animal. 

Of course, no one today puts any sacred meaning into a gift with animal symbols. But it is a good way to demonstrate your attitude toward this person. For example, if you give someone a card holder with a statue of a lion, thereby you are emphasizing the power and leadership qualities of the recipient of your gift. 

Another representative of fauna, the owl, is also often used to decorate certain accessories. It is quite understandable. If the lion is a symbol of power, the owl is more about intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, in online stores you will find quite a lot of presents with it. For example, there is a beautiful umbrella with a silver pen in the form of this bird or a stylish notebook with a leather cover and embossed owl. Such gifts will express your admiration for the wisdom and rich life experience of the person for whom the gift is intended.

The next animal is also from the world of birds, the mighty eagle. Gifts with his image are a good option for your manager and any bosses in general. In fact, besides the fact that eagles are perceived as the winged analog of lions, only reigning among birds, these noble creatures also symbolize foresight and attention to detail. The pointed beak of eagles looks very elegant and practical as a cane handle. So you can find a cane with a bone handle, or a silver version. And if that’s not enough for you, you can get a cane with a tip in the form of a golden eagle, the largest of the eagle species.

People’s special attitude toward animals stretches back to ancient times. And although we no longer worship cats and do not believe that our lives depend on the favor of our totemic patron, there is still a strong symbolism in gifts with the image of an animal. You can buy gifts with the most popular creatures, from lion and owl to horse and bull, in online stores.

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