Recently, the long-awaited “Broken Fang” operation was released in CS:GO. Developers added a lot of bonuses: exclusive matchmaking with a huge amount of statistics and the ability to ban maps, seven new locations, missions with rewards, new agents, skins, graffiti and more. But the most interesting new feature is the Retake mode, which has already been praised by many professionals.

The essence of the mode: four counter-terrorists must make a retake against three terrorists. Players are given a choice of starting purchase and start retake. Teams play up to eight rounds without switching sides. Let’s find out together how to win in the new mode? In this article we have prepared four tips to increase your chances of winning in Retake mode. If you want to get access to cs go cases, you must first find a specialized site. This will help you get new skins at great prices and diversify your gameplay.


In “Retake” mode, you are always given the opportunity to buy up at the start. In the first round you’re given a pistol, and in subsequent rounds you’re given more powerful weapons. Sometimes you are offered bonuses: Scout or AWP. Will it be useful? Yes, if you are playing for terrorists. Try to get used to it: in this mode, the terrorists defend and the SWAT teams attack, not the other way around. The AWP or Scout is a great thing to block some unpleasant exit, so using it for terrorists is possible and even necessary. Taking the AWP for the other side is only okay if you’re really good at flicks. Shoot with the zoom in this mode, unfortunately, do not give often, everything is too dynamic.


Using utilities is important in the regular game as well, but in Retake mode grenades become even more important. First, when playing as a counter-terrorist, you need to keep track of whether or not you have kits. This will determine how fast you should rush the plant. Secondly, you should always buy grenades wisely. Do you know a good smokes spread on a plant? Get a smoke grenade. Does your opponent always kill you from the same spot? Buy a fragmentation grenade and throw it at the right timing. The same goes for flashbangs. In general, this mode clearly shows how well you use grenades, so this aspect of Counter-Strike in retakes mode you will definitely train.

Killing your teammates

Let’s be honest, it is always unpleasant when your teammate shoots you. However, the good news is that in this mode you can shoot your teammates and they won’t die. This is a huge plus when you’re shooting. Now you can not be afraid of hitting your teammate with a stray bullet, and you can press the button when you see the enemy. This works especially cool when you’re attacking a mob through one exit, so feel free to use this aspect.


If you really want to win in Retake mode, you need to keep concentration in mind. For the counter-terrorist side, most players prefer to mindlessly rush the plant, although this is one of the biggest mistakes. To win, you need to be on your guard at all times. Imagine that every round is a clutch that you have to play as carefully as possible. Try going under flashbang and check corners as the pros do, and you won’t notice how your performance in this mode will improve.

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