Any expert in SMM will tell you that in order to develop an account you have to work hard to think through and implement a strategy for its promotion. Is this true? Can’t you limit yourself to just posting new posts and get more likes, comments and followers? Perhaps, this scenario of Instagram page promotion in Instagram is a dream for any active user of this social network. You should agree that it’s great to get maximum results with minimum actions taken. But is this dream feasible?

Developing an Instagram account

Speaking about the passive development of Instagram accounts, we first of all mention the need for its organic growth. By this concept we mean the growth of the number of followers of the page and the expansion of the coverage of the posts published on it, achieved without the use of advertising. Organic growth of your Instagram account is possible first of all by posting unique and quality content or you can buy instagram followers. Does it sound complicated? Then we explain even easier: if you don’t want to spend extra effort and time on the development of your Instagram account, but you don’t mind promoting it anyway, then you need to bet on the content. It must be not just good, but excellent.

Such content will be in demand by the audience and will get a lot of user feedback from it. This will give an impetus to the organic growth of your Instagram page. In SMM, such content is called viral content. It spreads with the help of the audience itself. Users notice the catchy content in their updates feed and then send it to their friends. Also, viral content spreads through reposting in Stories mode or by tagging users in comments to it.

You cannot guarantee in advance that your content will go viral. Most often, posts with memes, breaking news, or useful information go viral in this way. However, there are exceptions to the rule. In order for the content you publish to have a chance to go viral, you need to have at least a few active users among your subscribers. Remember, it’s the audience that has to spread your publications further, helping your account grow organically. So the conclusion is simple – you won’t be able to make the content you post on your page go viral if you don’t have an active follower base.

If you’ve definitely decided to do without advertising your Instagram account, there are several ways to expand its reach:

  1. personally invite your friends to subscribe to your page and ask them to tell their followers about your instagram;
  2. develop your Instagram account through your pages on other social networks (so you can increase the number of loyal and active followers);
  3. actively use hashtags when creating descriptions for your posts (however, do not overdo it – too frequent use of the same hashtags will harm your development);
  4. comment on the posts of users who haven’t yet subscribed to you.

What’s the result?

Be prepared for the fact that without advertising, it will take you a very long time to develop your Instagram account. Is it worth it? Yes, if you’re sure about it. In any case, you can always change your mind and use the services for the promotion of Instagram accounts, which can significantly speed up the development of any instablog. Now you can easily buy 10000 instagram followers at a bargain price, then connect other tools and dramatically make your account more popular. So you should take advantage of the available opportunities and do your best to find a quality solution. Modern tools can give you a lot of advantages that you may use to expect the best result.