Case opening has always been a fundamental part of CS:GO. If you look closely, not so long ago Valve introduced skins for CS:GO, as it was in other disciplines, namely DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2. The skin system allowed players to purchase cosmetic items through in-game rewards or the purchase of keys, which cost about $2.50.

However, at first, players received items that cost far less than the amount of the key itself. Meanwhile, who could have predicted that opening cases would get this far. Already today thousands of cases are opened every day, and the number of sites with cases is only growing. So among all this diversity, how do you find exactly what you need?

The best case opening sites

Of all the games that support skin mechanics, CS:GO will always remain at the top. The number of skins available in the game is incredibly high, with hundreds of different knives, weapons, and gloves used by millions of players. As CS:GO has grown in popularity, players have been looking for new ways to get in-game skins. Today, case discovery sites offer the same experience as Valve’s, but at a lower cost and with a better chance of winning. For example, you can use The most effective way to find and evaluate the best case study site. CS:GO is to make a list and evaluate each site based on the different factors that are most important to you. We’ve also created a list of criteria to help you find your favorite site.

Legitimacy and Authenticity

Every day there are new sites that offer case opening. People are always finding ways to break the rules and cheat their customers, one way or another. That’s why verified and honest sites establish various partnerships with famous streamers on Twitch or YouTube who have thousands of subscribers. Needless to say, every eSports organization has sponsors, which these very case-opening sites act as. Therefore, when looking for sites of this nature, it is worth looking out for cybersports organizations. Also, case discovery sites have an amazing interface design that gives the user an amazing experience when using the platform. They provide custom cases, custom drops and work with licensing, offering fast and reliable transactions, good customer support and more.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, this is where worthwhile sites stand out. You should always look for sites that offer reliable support to their customers. When you encounter a problem or error, customer support should not make you wait a day or two to review or resolve the issue. Providing support through chat is the most effective way to interact with customers on their queries. It’s always good to see that you can reach the staff in a variety of ways. Having proper email support is also a good sign, as it is the most common way to get support. 

You can always check the average response time to your request, see how the moderators interact with you, get the information you need from people in the chat room, and check their social media profiles. If you’re looking for a reliable site, try