Prepaid Debit Cards – Personal Banking – Direct Deposit

First Financial is pleased to offer a secure and economical way to shop, pay bills, budget, dispense money to teenagers and more. The prepaid debit card keeps your cash safe while avoiding bank fees. It’s safer and more convenient than using cash and doesn’t even require a credit check or application to obtain!

With far lower fees than a bank account, the prepaid debit still provides all of these perks!    

  • Paycheck Direct Deposit
  • Mobile Check Capture and Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawal Access at more than 25,000 ATM Machines
  • Accepted at All Stores that Accept Visa and MasterCard
  • Spending Limit Tracking and Setting
  • Easy Bill Pay
  • Client Invoicing
  • Automatic Tax Refund Deposit
  • Purchase Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • Transfers to and from Regular Bank Accounts
  • Convenient Christmas and Vacation Funds
  • Friendly 24/7 Customer Service
  • No Overdraft fees
  • Reloadable
  • No Liability for Unauthorized Purchases
  • A Budgeting Tool

First Financial Prepaid Debit Card Is Your Thrifty Approach to Banking

Traditional banks do not serve all Americans. Instead, 10 million of us — often called the “unbanked” — keep our money safe and convenient by using prepaid debit cards. By using these cards, this slice of society avoids the higher fees charged by banks for traditional checking accounts.

More, prepaid debit cards help keep consumers from running up dangerous credit card debt. Where the banks behind your credit cards set the limit on how much you can spend, with the prepaid debit card, you dictate the limit.

This feature keeps kids’ spending under control and puts a psychological limit on your own. It helps develop strict money management habits in consumers of all ages! Know well that banks set limits on credit cards higher than what each card holder should wisely spend. They do this to win more money from you in interest payments. Too many assume that a credit card issuer wouldn’t send offers if they didn’t think you could pay it back. This is not the case. They know that if you get into trouble, family or other loans may come in with funds. The prepaid debit card keeps you away from the temptations carefully crafted by card issuers.

The prepaid debit card dispenses with the hassles of writing checks once and for all! Just a swipe and you’re on your way. You can also check your monthly statements and spending daily. Our online account access is available on your smartphone and laptop. You can even sign up for a daily alert that emails that tell you just how much is on the card any given day.

Prepaid Debit Cards Are as Safe as Traditional Banking

The prepaid debit card keeps money safe for the 10 million American families who chose to forego bank accounts. As a leading U.S. provider of financial services, we know that not everyone banks in the same way. The debit card’s pin and signature prevents thieves and others from spending your money. Even if you lose the card, unless you’ve given out your pin, there’s no way another can get the money it contains. I think we’ve all felt the thrill of finding a dollar or more on the ground or in a pocket. A debit card lying on the ground just doesn’t offer much reward and will most likely be thrown away. Imagine how much safer you’ll feel when you forego cash and use prepaid debit cards for travel.

Further, if you register your prepaid debit card, you CAN recover your money.

Finally, we understand that today’s financial transactions taking place over the internet can worry consumers. First Financial uses 128-bit encryption or “banking level” security. It’s the most powerful level of security the U.S. Treasury Department even allows. Your money has little chance of being taken by internet hackers.

Prepaid Debit Cards Gaining in Popularity

The last few years has seen a rise in the use of prepaid debit cards. You can’t go to a grocery store these days without seeing a display of them. Still, First Financial gets you prepaid debit cards via the mail in amounts you choose. Avoid the hassle and expense of buying in a store.

Indeed, the number of Americans using prepaid debit cards has risen. Millennials are notorious for avoiding credit card and mortgage debt. After all, many entered the workforce just as the Great Recession hit. They saw parents lose homes, retirement savings and more. Further, Pew Research tells us that 40% of those in their 20s have student loan debt, the average of which is $30,000. It’s no wonder Millennials prefer to only spend the money they have via PayPal, Venmo and prepaid debit cards. This approach has lead the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia to conclude that Millennials are increasingly fond of prepaid debit cards.

Even businesses today are using prepaid debit cards to better control employee expenses.

Get Your Prepaid Debit Card or Cards Today!

A few clicks on your tablet, smartphone or laptop, and your prepaid debit cards are on their way. There’s no application to fill out and no check to your credit. Budget and bank better, smarter with First Financial prepaid debit cards!