Looking for an idea to create a small budget business? We may have the answer to your questions and suggest you 5.

small franchise business ideas! Real estate, catering, beauty: All profiles will be represented by a wide variety of sectors!

5 Small Franchise Business Ideas

There are 6 small franchise ideas which are going to be shared here.

Essential Food Franchises

Food franchises can be a very good investment idea for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of fast profitability. The BioWorld network is part of the latter and is a cooperative group of independent traders specializing in organic food products. Perfectly adapted to the needs and ethics of today’s consumers, the franchise is accessible without any personal contribution, against an entry fee of only €5000! While promising the utmost independence to all partners, the sign allows a mutualization of very reassuring means for newcomers!

In a completely different kind of way, Ensign Kalina can also interest investors who want to start without necessarily putting all their savings at stake. The franchise requires a personal contribution of only €5000. In return, it offers its franchisees all its experience in the sale of food products for dogs, cats, and horses.

Real Estate Franchises

After being forgotten for a few years, the real estate returns to the front of the stage and seduces profiles of entrepreneurs very varied. Will you be part of it? Among the signs to be discovered, at the skylight of the real estate can be considered as a must-see since it requires neither personal input nor admission fees and thus allows to launch very quickly its activity.

Expertimo offers the same conditions of membership and stands out as one of the most accessible networks and the most carriers for new investors. Its peculiarity is to propose a commission rate of 100% on all sales and this, without conditions.

Accessible without personal input or entry fees, urgent sale real estate is, as its name implies, a sign specializing in urgent transactions. Its concept is supported by efficient agents and with a good knowledge of the market but also by a website that values the goods.

Franchises in Beauty/shape

In search of well-being and relaxation, the French give a more and more substantial place to the beauty and the care of the body, a trend on which many entrepreneurs have already wagered.
Among the signs that recruit and that can make it possible to embark on a small budget, one can cite Hypnotists. The sign specializes in therapeutic consultations of hypnosis and herbal medicine and is accessible to the franchise against a personal contribution of €4000 and admission fees of €6000. Benefiting from the significant growth of the hypnosis and herbal medicine market, franchisees will also be able to profit from a trade margin rate close to 90%.

Without entry fees and without personal input, the sign Stop Smoking also attracts many profiles. Putting photon therapy in the spotlight, she uses infrared light waves to stimulate the level of endorphin and treat addiction to cigarettes.

Franchises in the home

The great classics of the franchise, the habitat signs offer great prospects for evolution. Ensign Rainsoft is a good example for entrepreneurs looking for an easy access area with no personal input and no entry fees. Boasting a particularly buoyant market, the Ensign offers a high-end water treatment system that caters to both individuals and professionals and is currently present in more than 30 countries.

In a completely different register, there is also Repar’stores, an accessible network against a personal contribution of €5000 and the entry fees set at €20,000. Specialized in the repair and modernization of roller shutters, the sign works according to a concept which has proven itself and which does not require a commercial space. All franchisees nevertheless have a commercial vehicle.

Franchises in the building

Looking for franchises in the building sector and adapted to small budgets? In particular, you can turn to the Aquarius sign which requires only a personal contribution of €5000 and an entry fee of €11,400. Created in 2007, it is to date the first national network in Phytoépuration (natural sanitation system).

Aximotravo is also an interesting opportunity, especially when looking for a sign with no personal input and no entry fees. Specializing in work brokerage and project management assistance business, the network offers great prospects for evolution to investors who will choose to join.

Accessible without personal input and without entry fees, the Delta R franchise is specialized in electricity and is constantly looking for profiles of experienced professionals who wish to try a new entrepreneurial status. Ready to invest in entrepreneurs, the sign will allow them to enjoy advantageous conditions of exercise and offer them a personalized follow-up in the long term.