MMA is a combination of many techniques, schools and directions of martial arts. MMA is a full-court fight with the use of striking techniques and wrestling both in the standing and on the floor. The cage is a symbol of MMA and it is specific only for the given sport – a place for fights.

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Fundamentals of MMA

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts. A sport that became widespread in the U.S. in the 90s of the last (that is, 20th) century. MMA is fundamentally different from other types of martial arts that allow the fighters to use a huge arsenal of different techniques and methods, not previously available in any one style. At the first tournaments wrestlers, boxers, kickboxers, masters of jiu-jitsu, karate and sumo took part.

Of course, Sumo and MMA are loosely related, although there was a lot going on in Japan! With time MMA fights evolved into fights in which the participants use a variety of techniques in order to win – they wrestle, kick each other, use painful and suffocating holds. Modern MMA is boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, karate and muay Thai all in one sport.

Such martial arts were known as far back as in Ancient Greece at the Olympics. Exactly there, according to the rules of mixed-fighting or pankration, prohibited painful holds were allowed. In other countries there were also analogues of the modern MMA. These techniques were often used by the special services and the army to increase the effectiveness of various combat techniques.

At first, representatives of any traditional martial arts: karate, judo, sambo, kickboxing took part in the bouts. Today the school of professional training of fighters in mixed-fighting and other types of fights is developing rapidly. Modern fighters are all-rounders, who fight both in the standing and in the ground.

Mixed martial arts is nothing new. The only thing new about MMA is the money and media that the sport has recently received. Before there were modern weapons in wars, every culture was obliged to master some form of martial arts, or it would not have survived. Martial sports developed in most civilizations as entertainment in peacetime and as a fighting weapon when warfare began. While most cultures have had MMA in one form or another, it makes sense to consider the martial arts history of Egypt, Greece, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Brazil and the United States as the basis for the emergence of MMA.

Developed in America by Bruce Lee in the late 1960s, Jeet Kune-Do (a mixed martial art based on kung fu, boxing, muay Thai, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, etc.) is considered by many to have had a strong influence on modern MMA.  The history of mixed martial arts was much longer than anyone could have imagined. Today it is safe to say that MMA has gained its definitive form as a combat sport and as a means of entertainment.

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