Instagram can act as a powerful advertising platform to promote products, brands or services. More than 800 million people use the app every month, and 500 million of them visit its pages every day. According to reports, Instagram has the highest audience engagement rate of all similar platforms. Instagram’s official statistics confirm this:

  • 1,000 comments every second;
  • 8,500 likes per second;
  • 40 million new photos every day.

All this makes Instagram indispensable for marketing purposes. So if you are a company owner, freelancer, blogger and so on, you can’t do without effectively promoting your Instagram page. And to make the whole process easy and convenient, you will definitely need automation of actions. As a result, you have to spend hours on mechanical work. The rational solution to this problem is automation of actions. This is achieved by using special services. They perform for the account owner those actions that previously he had to perform manually. In particular, the program for automation takes on the following important responsibilities:

  • automated posting of likes and comments to attract attention to the account;
  • mass following – subscribing to a potential target audience in the hope of reciprocity;
  • unsubscribing from irrelevant accounts to exclude obviously useless connections from your audience.

In this way, you can quickly and easily gain subscribers, as well as automate interaction with them. It should be emphasized that scripts and programs can work in 24/7 mode, which significantly increases the efficiency and speed of promotion. You can also buy instagram followers to improve the results of using such services. After all, if a potential follower visits your page and sees that there are almost no followers, he will conclude that your page is simply not interesting to anyone.

How safe is it?

The social network Instagram strongly discourages aggressive promotion and has strict, even paranoid, security requirements. Of course, and the use of all third-party services is prohibited. The administration regularly blocks accounts that commit suspicious actions. Another thing is that security algorithms are far from always able to recognize the use of services for automation. In addition, only the most audacious ones are blocked at once. The ban is usually preceded by several warnings.

The main problem that you will face when working with automation programs is blocking due to a change of IP address. Instagram uses one unique proxy for one login on all servers, so the eternal change of IP-address raises suspicions of the administration. The way out: when working with automation services, log into your account and perform all necessary actions only through the corresponding services.

Note that if you use several accounts, the link to your site can be placed only in one account. Otherwise, you may also face blocking. On other pages, it is better to link to company/product pages on other social networks. By sticking to these simple tips, you make using automation services completely safe. Keep in mind that only verified programs with correctly coded scripts should be used. High-tech services perform automatic actions taking into account the social network security algorithm and never exceed limits, so their actions are considered by the system as “live”. These programs will help you get more instagram followers and actively develop your account. It makes no sense to ignore this opportunity, because this way you can voluntarily deprive yourself of most of the serious tools that could help you achieve your goals.